Juvenile Firebug

The Firebug (Pyrrhocoris apterus) is a common insect in the Pyrrhocoridae family. 

It is hemimetabolous, which means that it does not undergo full metamorphosis. Instead, the life cycle includes only nymphs (juveniles) and adults. 

The juvenile Firebug does not look like its parents. It has the same shape and the same colour as its parents, but it does not yet have the same black markings. Instead, the juvenile has one black strip on the back of its head (not two), an M-shaped black mark at the top of its shell (not a triangle), and three small black dots in the middle of its shell. 

Firebug (adult and juvenile)

The adult Firebug is bright red and black. It has a tear-drop shape body with red insets that have a large black dot and a small black dot. It has a small, jet black head and black legs. It has front wings (forewings) and back wings (hindwings). 

It grows to about 2 centimetres (three quarters of an inch) long.

Firebug (adult and juvenile)

[Location of photographs: Paris, France]

Photographer: Martina Nicolls


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