Eyed Longhorn Beetle

The Eyed Longhorn Beetle (Oberea oculata) is an insect in the Cerambycidae family of longhorn beetles. It is also known as the Eyed Longicorn.

The Eyed Longhorn Beetle has an elongated, brown body with brown wing cases called elytra. It has an orange thorax and underbelly. It has two black dots on its pronotum (the section behind its head). It has a shiny black head with long, black antennae. 

Eyed Longhorn Beetle

It grows to about 1.2 centimetres (less than 1 inch) long.

The Eyed Longhorn Beetle is common throughout countries in Europe. 

The female lays 45-60 eggs, which hatch after 13-54 days into larvae called Roundheaded Borers. The larvae bore into wood and eat plant shoots. The larvae leave holes in tree trunks. 

When each larva is ready to pupate (undergo metamorphosis), it burrows into a tunnel. It emerges after 12-50 days as an adult beetle. 

Eyed Longhorn Beetle

[Location of photographs: Paris, France]

Photographer: Martina Nicolls


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