Greater Bamboo Lemur

The Greater Bamboo Lemur (Prolemur simus) is a medium-sized arboeal strepshirrhine mammal. It is also known as the Broad-Nosed Bamboo Lemur and the Broad-Nosed Gentle Lemur. 

The Greater Bamboo Lemur has thick, grey-brown fur with white ear tufts. Its belly has lighter fur. Its tail, nose, and head are black. It has long legs, especially long back legs for leaping. It is a leaper. 

Greater Bamboo Lemur

It grows to about 40-50 centimetres (15-20 inches) long. 

It is native to Madagascar. It prefers bamboo forests. 

It is both diurnal and nocturnal – this is called cathemeral – which means that it is active both day and night. 

It eats bamboo, especially the shoots. It also eats mushrooms, flowers, and fruit. 

The Greater Bamboo Lemur is social. It lives in groups of up to 28 individuals. 

The female is pregnant for about 100 days, before giving birth to one live young. The young clings to its mother and father alternatively for the first 33-37 days. 

It lives, on average, over 17 years.

Greater Bamboo Lemur

Photographer: Martina Nicolls


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