Australian Green Tree Frog

The Australian Green Tree Frog (Litoria caerulea) is a large, arboreal amphibian in the Hylidae family. It is also known as the White’s Tree Frog or the Dumpy Tree Frog.

The Australian Green Tree Froghas a plump body with a ridge over its eyes.  It is emerald or bright green with yellow or white blotches on its back. It has a cream underbelly, and the undersides of its feet and legs are bright yellow. Its eyes have horizontal golden pupils. 

Australian Green Tree Frog

It grows to about 11.5 centimetres (4.5 inches) long.

The Australian Green Tree Frog is native to Australia and New Guinea.

Its natural habitat is tropical or subtropical forests, moist shrublands, or floodlands. It is also found near human activity, including inside people’s homes. It needs to live near water in order to breed, and to keep its skin moist. It is arboral, living in trees. 

It is nocturnal. 

The Australian Green Tree Frog is carnivorous, feeding on insects, worms, spiders, small fish, and lizards. 

The female frog releases a foamy secretion which contains hundreds of eggs. The male fertilizes the eggs. After about 5-6 days the young frogs, called tadpoles, drop out of the foam nest and into the water. The tadpoles slowly metamorphose into frogs by losing their tail and developing legs, which takes about six weeks (42 days). 

Its average lifespan is 16-20 years.

Australian Green Tree Frog
Australian Green Tree Frog
Australian Green Tree Frog
Australian Green Tree Frog

Location of photographs: Paris Zoo, France

Photographer: Martina Nicolls


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