Domestic House Spider

The Domestic House Spider (Tegenaria domestica) is a common small non-venomous arachnid in the Agelenidae family of funnel-web spiders. It is also known as the Barn Funnel Weaver.

The Domestic House Spider has an elongated orange-brownish or grey body with a flattened thorax and straight abdomen. It has eight long legs, with bands of light and dark brown. It has two black, longitudinal stripes on its thorax. Its abdomen is mottled brown, beige, and grey with a pattern of chevron stripes. It has two short protrubences near its mouth, called pedipalps. 

It has eight eyes. Six of its eyes face forward. It is photo-sensitive, which means that it is sensitive to light. It prefers dark locations.

Domestic House Spider

It grows to about 1 centimetre (less than half an inch) long. The male usually has longer legs than the female. 

The Domestic House Spider is found in Europe, as far north as Scandinavia and as far south as Greece. It is also found in America and parts of western Asia. 

It makes a funnel-shaped silk web to catch its prey.

The female has an egg-sac or eggpod (round container), with up to 50 eggs. 

It usually lives for about 1-7 years, depending on whether it lives indoors or outdoors. 

Domestic House Spider
Domestic House Spider

Photographer: Martina Nicolls


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