Splendid Garden Eel

The Splendid Garden Eel (Gorgasia preclara) is a medium-sized marine (saltwater) eel. It is also known as the Orange-Barred Eel. It is not found in gardens – it is found in the sea. 

The Splendid Garden Eel has a cylindrical, long, thin, yellow-orange body with white bands. 

Splendid Garden Eel (with Red Knob Sea Star)

It grows to 40 centimetres (16 inches) long. 

The Splendid Garden Eel is native to tropical oceans in the Indo-West Pacific region from the Maldives to Indonesia, Papua New Guinea, Japan, and the Philippines. 

It prefers oceans with sandy bottoms and moving currents, near the coast in lagoons and reefs. It is benthic because it lives on the bottom of the ocean.

It feeds on plankton.

It lives in a buried tube in the sand, with its head exposed. In danger, it disappears in the sand. It lives alone or in small groups. 

Splendid Garden Eel (with Red Knob Sea Star)
Splendid Garden Eel

Photographer: Martina Nicolls


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