Tapir Nose

The Tapir (Tapirus) is an ungulate mammal native to Malaysia, South America and Central America. What does the nose of a Tapir look like?

A Tapir has a short trunk for a nose, with two large nostrils. It hangs down, and over its mouth. It is called a proboscis.

A Tapir’s proboscis is flexible because is can move in all directions. 

It sniffs with its nose, but its nose is also used for eating. Like an Elephant’s nose, the Tapir’s nose can grab leaves and twigs. It is also used like a snorkel when it swims underwater.

Malayan Tapir

Its relatives include the horse, donkey, zebra, and rhinoceros, but they don’t have a nose like the Tapir’s nose.

Malayan Tapir
Malayan Tapir
Brazilian Tapir
Malayan Tapir
Malayan Tapir

Photographer: Martina Nicolls


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