Frilled-Necked Lizard

The Frilled-Necked Lizard (Chlamydosaurus kingii) is a medium-sized reptile. It is also known as the Frilled Agama or the Frilled Dragon. It is an agamid (a dragon lizard). 

The Frilled-Necked Lizard has a large frilled collar around its neck. The frill stays mostly closed, but will open up when the lizard is startled, and also for courtship. It is mainly grey or brown with dark spots and blotches that are often red or orange. The colour depends on the lizard’s environment as a form of camouflage. 

It grows to about 85 centimetres (33 inches) long. 

Frilled-Necked Lizard

The Frilled-Necked Lizard is native to northern Australia and southern New Guinea. It prefers desert regions, as well as humid tropical savannah woodlands. 

It is arboreal, because it climbs and lives in trees. It has bipedal locomotion, in which it moves two of its feet at the same time. It also likes to bask in the sun. 

It is carnivorous, eating insects, locusts, beetles, termites, worms, mice, butterflies, moths, and small lizards. It lies in wait for prey to walk nearby, and then it ambushes it. 

Its predators include eagles, owls, larger lizards, snakes, dingos, and quolls. 

The female Frilled-Necked Lizard lays 6-25 soft-shelled eggs underground in a sunny location. The eggs hatch after 2-3 months. The gender of the young lizards is temperature-dependent. High temperatures (over 35 degrees Celsius) produce females and mid-range temperatures (29-35 degrees Celsius) produce equal numbers of males and females. 

Photographer: Martina Nicolls


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