Miliaris Tortoise Beetle

The Milarias Tortoise Beetle (Capnodis miliaris) is an insect in the Buprestidae family of tortoise beetles. 

The Miliaris Tortoise Beetle is matt black with scattered large spots on its abdomen. It has black wing cases, called elytra. Each wing case (elytron) is covered with white wax and a number of small nodules or lumps. Its antennae are short. 

It grows to about 3 centimetres (1 inch) long. 

Milarias Tortoise Beetle

The Miliaris Tortoise Beetle is native to Russia and the Caucasus region of Georgia, Armenia, and Azerbaijan. It prefers steppe regions and forest-steppes. 

It lives inside the bark of fruit trees, near the roots. During winter, it hibernates in the soil. 

It eats plant roots, leaves, buds, and shoots. 

The female lays small, white eggs in tree roots. The eggs hatch into larvae, which become pupae. Each pupa metamorphoses into an adult beetle. 

Miliaris Tortoise Beetle

Photographer: Martina Nicolls


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