Red-Crested Pochard

The Red-Crested Pochard (Netta rufina) is a bird – a large wetlands diving duck. 

The male Red-Crested Pochard has a rounded orange head, red beak, and black chest. Its sides are white, and its back is brown. It has a black tail. The female is mainly pale brown with a darker-brown back and crown, with a white face. 

It measures 47-54 centimetres (19-21 inches) in length, with a wingspan of 66-73 centimetres (26-29 inches). 

Red-Crested Pochard (male)

The Red-Crested Pochard is native to southern Europe and central Asia. It migrates to the warmer locations of India and Africa in the winter. It prefers marshes and lakes.

It feeds by diving in water, or dabbling. It eats aquatic plants.  

It lives in flocks. 

The Red-Crested Pochard builds a nest by the lakeside among vegetation. The female lays 8–12 pale green eggs, which hatch after about 30 days. 

Red-Crested Pochard (male)

Photographer: Martina Nicolls


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