Long-Tailed Paradise Whydah

The Long-Tailed Paradise Whydah (Vidua paradisaea) is a small, brown sparrow-like bird. It is also known as the Eastern Paradise Whydah. 

The male Long-Tailed Paradise Whydah has a black head and back, with a rusty-brown chest, bright yellow nape, and buffy-white abdomen with four broad, elongated black tail feathers. The female is brown and white and lacks the long black tail feathers. 

It measures about 33 centimetres (13 inches) long. The male’s tail measures about 36 centimetres (14 inches) long. 

Long-Tailed Paradise Whydah (male)

The Long-Tailed Paradise Whyday is native to eastern Africa, in countries such as South Sudan, Angola, Uganda, Kenya, and Tanzania. It prefers forests and wooded savannahs. 

It does not build a nest. It uses the nest of other birds, such as waxbills and finches. Females lay only one egg. 

Long-Tailed Paradise Whydah (male)

Photographer: Martina Nicolls


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