Lemon Emigrant Butterfly

The Lemon Emigrant Butterfly (Catopsilia pomona pomona) is a medium-sized common insect.

The Lemon Emigrant Butterfly is white or yellow on the upperside of its wings. It has a faint dark border on its forewings (front wings). It has reddish-ringed silver spots on the underside of its wings. It has reddish antennae.

Lemon Emigrant Butterfly

Lemon Emigrant Butterfly


It has a wingspan of 5-6 centimetres (2-2.5 inches). It is a fast-flying butterfly.

The Lemon Emigrant is common in Asia. It likes parks and gardens.

It feeds on nectar from flowers. The larvae stage (caterpillar) feeds on the leaves of plants.

The adult female lays eggs on a leaf, which take 2 days to hatch. The caterpillar eats leaves. After one to two weeks, the caterpillar finishes eating and spins a silk casing called a chrysalis. It pupates and after about 5 days it undergoes metamorphosis before an adult butterfly emerges.

Lemon Emigrant Butterfly



Photographer: Martina Nicolls



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