African Cinnamon Dove

The African Cinnamon Dove (Aplopelia larvata) is a common bird. It is also called the African Lemon Dove.

The African Cinnamon Dove has brownish-grey body, with a cinnamon-brown chest. Males have white markings on their face, with a whitish crown. Its wings and tail are dark-brown, and its tail feathers are tipped with a band of white. Its feet and eyes are red, and its beak is black.

African Cinnamon Dove

African Cinnamon Dove


It measures 24-30 centimetres (9-12 inches) tall.

The African Cinnamon Dove is native to southern Africa and eastern Africa, particularly near the coast. It prefers forests with leaf litter. It is mainly terrestrial, living on the ground, instead of in trees.

It feeds on seeds and fruit which it finds in leaf litter. It sometimes eats termits and small snails.

Males and females build their nest of twigs and roots in a tree, creeper, or bush. Females lay 1-3 eggs. Only the female sits on the eggs until they hatch after 14-18 days. The chicks stay in the nest for 20 days. After that, they continue to stay with their parents for 2 months.




Photographer: Martina Nicolls


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