How they hunt: cheetah, leopard, and lion

How do the cheetah, leopard, and lion hunt?

The cheetah and the leopard are lone hunters.

The lion hunts in a group.

The cheetah hunts during the day.

The leopard and the lion hunt mainly at night.


a cheetah captures an impala

The cheetah uses vision, stealth, and speed to chase its prey and trip them, before biting into their neck.

The leopard uses acute hearing, vision, scent and stealth, to pounce on its prey with its strong sharp claws.

The lion pounces, with the assistance of other lions, to bring down the prey as it is trying to escape, then it is strangled.

The leopard likes prey that is 10-40 kilograms (22-88 pounds) in weight.

The cheetah likes prey that is 23-56 kilograms (51-123 pounds) in weight.

The lion likes prey that is 190-550 kilograms (420-1210 pounds) in weight.

The cheetah eats its prey quickly or drags it to a hiding place.

The lion likes to eat its prey all at once, shared with other lions. It likes to rest awhile before finishing its meal.

The leopard takes its prey to a high branch in a tree to eat it away from other scavengers.


Masai lion

lions hunt together



Photographer: Martina Nicolls



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