Superb Starling

The Superb Starling (Lamprotornis superbus) is a northeastern African bird with a black head, iridescent bluish-green feathers on its back, chest, wings and tail, with an orange coloured stomach. There is a white bar between the stomach and the chest. Its eyes are white.

Superb Starling

Superb starling

Young Superb Starlings are not as colourful, although adult males and females look similar.

The Superb Starling grows to 18 centimetres (7 inches) tall.

They are quite common, found in gardens, near lakes, and in open scrublands. It lives in southeastern Sudan, northeastern Uganda, Ethiopia, Somalia, Kenya, and Tanzania. They prefer dry regions, rather than humid areas.

Females lay about four dark blue eggs, and incubates them for 12-14 days. Both the females and males will feed their chicks, who can fly after 17-25 days, and leave the nest after 4-7 weeks.

Superb Starlings feed on insects, beetles, flies, ants, termites, grasshoppers, and sometimes berries and seeds.

They belong to the Passeriforme Order, and the Sturnidae family.

Passerines are the most common birds in the world – they are perching birds, or songbirds, that include blue jays, sparrows, crows, finches, warblers, wren, bowerbirds, lyrebirds, shrikes, and many other birds.

Superb starling

Superb Starling


Photographer: Martina Nicolls



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